Effectiveness Of Adding Fly Ash And Bottom Ash In Building Construction


  • Sabrina Cathrine


Composition, percentage of FABA mixture, average value of compressive strengt


Jayapura City is center administrative from Papua Province , Indonesia, with wide region reaching 940 km2. As Mother city province located at the end eastern Indonesia, city This border direct with country neighboring Papua New Guinea , located on the Gulf Jayapura . One of initiatives taken​ is use waste from burning rock embers in the Generator Electricity Power Steam (PLTU) Holtekamp as material main For make brick. Research This aim For determine composition sand , Portland cement (PC), fly ash, and bottom ash with do making object test with proportions of 40% and 50%, tested on aged 7, 14, and 28 days . Testing done in accordance with SNI Specifications 03-1974-1990 concerning Method Testing Strong Press Concrete , and results strong press average meets standard Condition General Material Buildings in Indonesia 1982. Results testing show that on object test I with proportion 50% on 7 and 14 days old , strong press average no reach standard quality plan A1 minimum 25 Kg/cm2, however on 28 days old fulfil standard quality plan A1. Whereas object test II on the proportion of 40% meets standard quality plan A2 minimum 40 Kg/cm2 on all age testing (7, 14, and 28 days ), as appropriate with Condition General Material Buildings in Indonesia 1982.


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