Evaluation Of The Impact Of Adding Accelerator Additives On The Initial Strength Of High Performance Concrete


  • Alfred Dario Garfield


High Performance Concrete, Admixture, Accelerator, Initial Strength, Compressive Strength, Rigid Pavement


Concrete Quality High (High Performance Concrete/HPC) is type concrete that has strength press equivalent or more tall of 41 .4 MPa . In context its use at the extraction level mine lower ground , HPC must can reach strength press as needed as soon as possible maybe so that the floor panels at the extraction level can skipped by the transport loader ore with fluent . For reach objective this , material additive form accelerator added to in HPC mixture with objective speed up the hardening process concrete without reduce quality And the quality . In study This is a variation addition accelerator of 1% and 2% of weight of cement used , with product selected accelerator​ is Sika Rapid 505 and Sika Rapid 610 ID. Study carried out at the Grasberg Block Cave Underground Batching Plant. Results testing show that at the 10th hour, value strength press HPC reaches 17.8​ MPa with addition Sika Rapid 505 by 2%. Use Sika Rapid 505 too increase strength Press HPC on 28th day , reached 77.64 MPa . Use accelerator on concrete performance tall in a way significant increase strength press beginning compared to with HPC without accelerator .


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