Analysis Of Strengthening SIM and STNK Security Systems Using Blockchain


  • Jihan Nailur Rohmah
  • Tiara Putri Prastiwi


Blockchain, Optimum, Security, Driving License, Car Registration, Vehicle Registration Card


Data security is very important nowadays because the volume of big data continues to increase, forcing every sector to review its security systems. The security of documents such as driver's licenses and vehicle registration is always related to the authorities, which can be public or private. In the country, in the transport sector, authority for the security of driver's licenses and vehicle registration documents is given to two private companies. For example, Presprint PI is responsible for driver's licenses and High Tech Telesoft takes care of vehicle registration cards. The aim is to verify the authenticity, availability and confidentiality of SIM or STNK holders. However, there are still challenges in securing these documents, such as individuals with fake driver's licenses or STNK. Sometimes, with the intervention of certain system managers, the time required to obtain a driver's license or vehicle registration card can also be affected. To deal with this situation, it is important to ensure that only qualified persons with proper driving training certificates and original driver's licenses are allowed to drive the vehicle. Blockchain technology is used to increase system security in transparent data management without a central authority.


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