Effectiveness Of Web-Based E-Commerce Activities For Electronic Stores


  • Afriska Mita Ardani
  • Affan Hanif


Web Based Sales System, R&D, PHP Programming Language, My SQL Database


Putra Mandiri Computer Store Pati, whose focus is selling computer accessories and peripherals, is experiencing problems in its marketing strategy. Their sales are still limited because they still rely on local marketing methods, such as distributing brochures. In response, researchers are interested in conducting research to help the shop increase sales turnover by developing an online sales system. The development method used is research and development (Research and Development / R&D), with application development using the PHP programming language and My SQL database. The results of this research are a web-based sales information system that can be accessed online by the general public, facilitates online sales transactions, and has succeeded in increasing sales turnover at the Putra Mandiri Pati Store.


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