Analysis Of The Queue Display Prototype Using Voice And Text Based On An Internet Network


  • Amalia Romadhoni
  • Dhea Ayu Cahyaningsih


queue display, network, sequence number display, client – server


With advances in information technology in various sectors, including in queuing systems, we realize that slow queuing processes are often a boring experience for many people. In many banks, for example at Bank PT. BPR SARIBUMI Godong Branch, the problem of long queues often interferes with customers' comfort in carrying out transactions because they still use a manual system. To overcome this problem, a queue display was introduced which combines text, sound and queue number printing, enabling customers to no longer need to queue conventionally. This system helps officers at the counter, cashier or teller to determine which customer will be served next more easily. Although this solution is effective, keep in mind that the use of electronic devices in queue displays also has the potential to experience technical problems. In developing this final assignment, the author used Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 software and MySQL database to create a more efficient and practical queuing system for Bank PT. BPR SARIBUMI Godong Branch.


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